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Pet Allergies

Pets can suffer from allergies, just like people can. However, their symptoms can often include much more than just sneezing and itching. If you’ve noticed your pet scratching or sneezing excessively, you may be wondering if they have allergies. The … Continue reading

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Make Sure They Can Get Home: Check Your Pet’s Microchip

Is your pet’s microchip up-to-date? If your pet were lost, would an animal hospital or shelter be able to contact you once your pet was found? It’s important to get your pet microchipped; but it’s just as important to make … Continue reading

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The Importance of Pest Prevention

Is your pet protected from fleas, ticks, heartworm, and other parasites? While we, as humans, may think that encounters with parasites of this nature are limited, the same is not necessarily true of our pets! Our animal companions spend their … Continue reading

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Reasons To Act More Like Your Pet

Pets aren’t always easy to take care of, and they often require a substantial time commitment (something you’re all too aware of at, say, 3 a.m., when Bing Clawsby is finally ready to go outside and do his business). But … Continue reading

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