Every day, thousands of pets go missing, but sadly, not all of them are returned to their owners. One of the most common reasons for this is lack of identification. Implanting a microchip takes less than 3 seconds, and most pets do not even feel the procedure at all! To provide your pet with a permanent form of identification, Los Feliz Small Animal Hospital in Los Angeles recommends microchipping, in addition to a standard ID and rabies tag. A microchip can greatly increase the chances of a happy reunion, should your dog or cat ever become separated from you. We are pleased to offer this service to all of our current patients.

A microchip is a tiny device which contains unique identifying information about a pet.
It is approximately the size of a grain of rice contains a code that corresponds to the contact information of the pet cat or dog’s owner. This allows missing pets to be returned to their rightful home as quickly as possible.

Most animal shelters and hospitals in the country are equipped with a microchip scanner so that if a lost pet ends up under their roof, the registered owner can be contacted. The microchip is safely implanted via a hypodermic needle, just under the surface of the skin near the shoulder blades and requires no surgery or anesthesia.

Does it work?

According to the Journal of American Veterinary Medicine, a study showed that dogs without microchips were returned to their owners 21.9% of the time while microchipped dogs were returned to their owners 52.2% of the time. Cats without microchips were reunited only 1.8% of the time and cats WITH microchips were returned 38.5% of the time.

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