Please note: Effective February 17th, 2023, we are no longer approving prescriptions for online pharmacies, such as Chewy and 1800 PetMeds. Clients are welcome to purchase their medications from the pharmacy of their choosing, but clients will need to pick up a written prescription from the hospital.


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I took my puppy Koga to his first vet appt today after adopting him to make sure everything was okay. Dr. Costin called me while I waited and he was so thorough and invested in Koga’s care especially for the future. Really took the time to answer my questions and didn’t rush me off the phone. I was ten minutes late to my appointment and they still saw him so I really appreciated that. This vet is only about 5 miles away from me but took 20 minutes to get there. There are closer vets to me but this place had good reviews so I decided to establish his care here and I’m so happy I did!
Leylan Q.

Dr. Costin is the best! I love it here.
Sandra H.

The care that all of the Doctors and staff showed was incredible. My dog was very sick and I received compassionate support and intelligent successful care for my pet.

I was very worried and the doctors took the time to show me what the problem was and how they expected to treat it. They were successful and I am grateful.

Additionally, all of the staff at Los Feliz Small Animal Hospital were very kind.

Finally, when I needed to bring my dog in with an emergency issue they opened up an
appointment and we were seen immediately.

Patrick H.

The Holder’s have been using this facility since 1985 and all my pets have been well taken care of by staff and Vet’s. From our many pets, they received great care from their first first visit to their last journey they have been treated with compassion, and qualified care. Thank your Dr. Costin Sr. and Jr. And when it was time to end our pets suffering all of you extended the hand of friendship and compassion. We are so grateful, thank you.
Maggie H.

I’ve been taking my babies here for years. They are the best.
Kristine M.

I can’t say enough great things about this establishment! Dr. Costin is the best vet I’ve ever had. He takes his time, is wonderful with our dog, answers every question I have, and never makes me feel stupid for asking very basic questions. He is so kind and patient and I never feel like he’s in a rush to get to the next client. Yes, the prices might be a little higher than usual, but you get what you pay for. Plus, the front desk staff is equally as wonderful.
Rebecca D.

I brought my elderly cat here quarterly for monitoring in her final year of life. Dr. Bae was compassionate and honest about her treatment plan and needs and worked with me to know when the inevitable would have to occur. Afterward, the staff not only sent a card but packaged her ashes in a beautiful urn with engravings. I felt so supported by the team and highly recommend their kindness and professionalism to anyone.
Caitlin R.

Love this place. I think the vet wants to adopt my cat, Wayne Sanchez. Of course he is quite the cat. But he does have some urinary issues (had to have surgery back in Brooklyn when we lived there) and they have been amazing in helping me stay the course with him. Great place to get your pet’s teeth cleaned too. On time, efficient, and have great follow up.
Jill C.

My feline son, Ellington had surgery last week. I was a wreck with worry. He is 16 years old and has been exceptionally healthy. The staff at Los Feliz Small Animal Hospital were wonderful. Dr. Costin performed the surgery and called while Ellington was in recovery. He told me what to expect and encouraged me to call the next day if I had questions. I did, because Ellington was not eating. Dr. Costin recommended baby food which did the trick. I am so appreciative of the way Ellington and I are treated at Los Feliz Small Animal Hospital. The staff is like an extended family of caregivers. They are compassionate, caring and adeptly skilled at caring for our four-legged loved ones.
Valerie R.

Dr. Costin is the best! He’s knowledgeable, compassionate and never makes you feel rushed. After driving all over Los Angeles in search of a decent vet, I finally found a great one in my own backyard. I’ve been taking my 2 dogs here for 3 years and couldn’t be more pleased with the service.
Alicia C.

Great hospital. I first encountered the hospital when I brought my senior cat in for emergency care. She didn’t make it, but the staff and doctors clearly cared and did their best to save her.

I have since taken all of my pets there, and the staff and doctors are dedicated and committed to serving their patients. Can’t say enough good things about them.

Chris G.

Friendly staff, compassionate and knowledgeable veterinary physicians. They saved my little Jack Russell, and I am grateful.
Sonia R.

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