Please note: Effective February 17th, 2023, we are no longer approving prescriptions for online pharmacies, such as Chewy and 1800 PetMeds. Clients are welcome to purchase their medications from the pharmacy of their choosing, but clients will need to pick up a written prescription from the hospital.


Our state-of-the-art clinic allows our team to diagnose and treat your pet quickly.

Although we all wish our pets can be healthy without anything more than the standard physical exam, there may be times when additional diagnostics are necessary. Los Feliz Small Animal Hospital offers several diagnostic services, allowing our veterinarians to more effectively determine your pet’s condition and treat it accordingly. These include digital radiography, ultrasonography, electrocardiography (ECG), and endoscopy.

Digital Radiography
We use digital radiography (X-rays) to examine a pet’s bones and soft tissues. Since pets tend to eat things they shouldn’t (batteries, coins, etc.), X-rays enable us to identify foreign objects in the body as well. Unlike traditional film X-rays, digital technology allows images to be produced within a matter of minutes. These images can be enhanced and e-mailed if necessary. The quality of these images is also much clearer than film, which helps our veterinarians better communicate your pet’s diagnosis and treatment needs. In addition, there is less radiation exposure with digital radiography, making this technology safer than film.
Similar to radiography, ultrasonography (ultrasound) is a painless, non-invasive imaging technique used to examine a pet’s internal body structures. However, unlike radiography, ultrasonography uses ultrasonic waves to produce the image, instead of radiation. Using a probe, these sound waves can be centered on any area of the body and absorbed by the tissue in that specific area. The reflected waves then “echo” back to the probe and are converted into an image in real time. Ultrasounds can be used to examine abdominal structures, detect pregnancy, and evaluate heart function, among other uses.
When an irregular heart beat is detected during a pet’s comprehensive wellness exam, we often recommend an electrocardiogram (ECG). An ECG is a safe, non-invasive test that uses electrical impulses to detect heart abnormalities (slow heartbeat, irregular heart rhythm, etc.). The results of this test allow us to diagnose certain heart diseases. Depending on the diagnosis, an ECG examination can be conducted in correlation with digital X-rays or an ultrasound of the heart for a more comprehensive diagnosis.
The word endoscopy means to examine or to view internally (endo + scopy). This procedure enables us to safely examine a pet’s internal organs without the need for invasive surgery or incisions. Instead, it involves using an endoscope, which is a device with a tiny camera attached to a long, thin tube. These endoscopes can be either flexible or rigid and are used to examine various part of the body, including the nasal cavity, throat, and digestive tract.

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