Please note: Effective February 17th, 2023, we are no longer approving prescriptions for online pharmacies, such as Chewy and 1800 PetMeds. Clients are welcome to purchase their medications from the pharmacy of their choosing, but clients will need to pick up a written prescription from the hospital.

Pet Health Certificates

If you’re planning to travel internationally with your pet, there are a number of things to keep in mind as you prepare for the trip, including the need for a health certificate. A health certificate verifies that your pet has been examined by an USDA approved veterinarian and that the pet is in apparent good health, free of parasites and any other potentially contagious conditions. Keep in mind that most countries require a valid animal health certificate that is specific to their country for admittance. They also reserve the right to quarantine or refuse entry to any animal that does not have a valid health certificate. Our jet-setting clients and pets come to Los Feliz Small Animal Hospital primarily from Los Angeles and Glendale neighborhoods. With a clean bill of health and proper documentation, we can issue an international health certificate to allow your pet to travel outside of the United States.

What Does the Health Certificate Include?

Every health certificate that we issue includes the pet’s name, breed, color, age, and the contact information of the owner. After performing a comprehensive wellness exam, the health certificate will indicate that the pet is healthy enough for travel and will provide proof of recent vaccinations and implanted microchip number. Be sure to check the specific vaccination requirements for the country that you will be visiting, as there may be some variations. Also, keep in mind that some countries require recent blood tests and parasite treatment administered by veterinary professionals as well. If your pet is not found to be healthy, we can discuss our treatment options and recommendations.

We recommend that you arrange for the health certificate appointment based on what the Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service directs you to do on their website: If you have any questions after visiting their website you can call their office in El Segundo 310-955-3311 or Sacramento: 916-854-3960 Be sure to also check your airline’s policy regarding pets, with regard to carriers. We’ll be glad to give you more information about international health certificates over the phone or during your pet’s next visit.

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